Sunday, June 3, 2007

34 down. folded food. 7 letters. not calzone.

today was the total opposite of yesterday. left the house at 10:30, ran all over the east/west village being all productive. actively solicited people for social interactions rather than avoided phone calls.

went shopping. as usual, bought way more cheap costume jewelry than i did clothes. some women spend $400 on a chanel bag. "but i'll have it forever." and they probably will.

i spend that same $400 on plastic & faux silver/faux gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so forth that fall apart after three or four wearings.

some would call this a poor purchasing decision but i disagree. it takes me approximately 3-4 years to spend that amount on bamboo round-the-way-girl earrings and noisy plastic bracelets. the hooker with the chanel bag only gets her purchasing high once. ONCE.

i do worry about the legacy i'm passing on to my children though. the other woman can be like "here honey, here's this bag." and the daughter's "thank you, mother, for this beautiful and timeless accessory."

i'm all "yea, sorry, taylor madison skylar phoebe rosepetal. i would give you these hoops i had that said SEXY TAURUS and 400 some-odd plastic jelly bracelets, but they're in a landfill seagull's stomach. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WISH YOU HAD A DIFFERENT MOTHER?"

here's the thing i want:


as in


New Money is different than money money. I have money money. I don't particularly need money money.

I want NEW MONEY. New freelance jobs. Articles in publications I haven't worked with before or that have rejected me so many times it's become a comical Horatio Alger story.

I need to do more pitches.


I have to go change my Crest Whitestrips.


Anonymous said...

frig you're great.

jerry said...

if i get back to the old country i will over nite ya a DP dough, god those things were good.

mintzworks said...

And you can START by blogging/writing/advising on how to do a freelance pitch.

Crap, I'm MISERABLE at story pitches and like you, hatehatehate doing them. Then I have no idea how to negotiate.

Help a brothah out!

PS--Love your daughters' name. In Scandinavian it means "Tallthinone."

Sabina said...

You're totally right about cheap-ass jewelry. Tasteful accessories are for suckers who don't like to live in the moment.
And if it's a Horatio Alger story, that means it'll happen eventually, right?

Anonymous said...


Folded food. Seven letters.

Anonymous said...

cheap jewelry is also good because if you happen to lose it.... NO . BIG. DEAL!!