Saturday, June 2, 2007

piece of shit saturday

it's beautiful. i need to leave the apartment. NEED TO WON'T. until tonight. i ordered ATL on on-demand. it wasn't too bad, actually. i have very low standards when it comes to movies. my 'this is going to be stupid' filter is completely lacking, especially when it comes to movies starring rap artists.

atl has all this rollerskating. people rollerskate in uniformed teams reminiscent of The Warriors. they keep alluding to this big skating competition that never actually happens. i'm sure it got cut out post-production but it seems like a pretty big boo boo. couldn't they have included one short scene? and a cameo by Deney Terrio? i know dance fever wasn't really about roller skating. i just like deney terrio.

i'm working on a movie. there is no part for a deney terrio. i would like to get tip harris though. i would casting couch, chair, ottoman, davenport, bureau, and chifforobe the fuck out of that young gentleman. he has such a cute face. all pinchy and grouchy. you want to kiss him on the nose and give up the jane fonda just to see him smile. he's the baby gerald of the dirty souf.


jerry said...

i still have the learn to disco album that you gave me and even tried it once, i felt like a total dork dancing around in my livingroom with my cat watching me.i think he thought i was having a fit.

Anonymous said...

What is the "Jane Fonda"?

Anonymous said...

"my 'this is going to be stupid' filter is completely lacking"

Way to lower expectations for the screenplay you've been working on Erin.

Anonymous said...

okay, how many beers were you into the movie when you wrote this post. c'mon, now. i know bery buzzed blogging when i read it.

Anonymous said...

That's Adrian Zmed, not Deney Terrio. He's much more tasty than Deney, though. Is it proper to wear a speedo without waxing these days?

Erin Bradley said...

Comments, in order of received

-That album was epic. Didn't it have an awesome poster with it as well?

-Jane Fonda is a synonym for vagina.

-my screenplay is going to be FANTASTIC, as long as i can manage to leave rap and/or rap artists out of it

-No. Not drunk. Drunk with love for Tip Harris, maybe.

-You are totally right. I thought it looked a little like Zmed but two diff Google Image searches turned up that photo under his name and I thought i was in the clear. Mr. Terrio is significantly less tasty, you're right. And waxing for men? Hell fuck no. Unless it's back hair. Chest hair should be allowed to bloom like a beautiful garden of manly.

Anonymous said...

Because I know you care about this sort of thing:

"California Man Shatters World Record for Hot Dog Eating"

Erin Bradley said...

OMG! I love you! Thank you so much! This is the first I've heard. OMG OMG OMG

(shit pants)


(deep breath)

This is monumental. I knew Joey was going to be the one to do it. He kicked ass last year at Nathan's and Takeru is slippin'.

I actually ate a hot dog today while shopping on 34th st. I must have psychically known.

jerry said...

yes the poster was very shiny(lot's of disco balls and silver spandex, hurts the eyes) but god save me, i have listened to that album a lot.between that and the kiss double platinum i'm not sure which is my fav.....yeah i do KISS FUCKIN RULZ!

MW said...

I just like hearing you say "souf".