Monday, June 4, 2007

Has Anyone Noticed?

That we have a black guy and a woman running for president? Not that either one will win. Too many redneck shitholes in this country. But I just realized. I have a lot more time to think about this kind of stuff now that Paris Hilton is off the streets and safely incarcerated.


SG said...

I think Hillary and Obama each have about 3x more likelihood of winning than any of the Republicans in the race now. However, if Gore gets into it come September, then no, we won't have a black or female President. They might get VP, though. Gore-Clinton instead of the old Clinton-Gore, or even better -- Gore-Obama! Love it.

Erin Bradley said...

Not that I like him, but I kind of have always thought Hillary Clinton/Colin Powell would be the ultimate power combo.

You'd get:
-the black vote
-the female vote

It's a surefire hit!

SG said...

I used to think Colin had potential, but he sold his credibility up the river by being a "good soldier" and lending Bush his own credibility by standing behind him on Iraq. I wouldn't go so far as to level the "Uncle Tom" label so many do, but I will say that he utterly ruined what people believed was his main selling point, integrity.

SG said...

(Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the election ends up being Newt Gingrich vs. Al Gore.)