Wednesday, June 6, 2007

tuesday tally (it's wed but i like alliteration)

+ I have money to shop.

- I hate all the clothes in the stores now.

+ Thanks to running + general ennui, I'm able to pour my ass into a size 4.

- There's no way to show it off, since all the dresses this season are empire/trapeze/babydoll and make you look like a pregnant bohemian doily.

+ I am going to be quoted in Cocktail Weekly.

- I have no idea what this publication is or what it's about.


Anonymous said...

I fucking hate that dress style so much. That American Idol winner chick did a shoot for the magazine (check out last week's cover) where ALL she wore in every shot was different colored variations on that style.

Unless a woman is pregnant, or trying to look like she's pregnant, she should never ever wear that crap. It doesn't "flatter women trying to look slimmer" like they think. It just makes them look like they're hiding even more of a stomach then they already are.

This style sucks almost as much as muffin-tops in low cut jeans, or halter tops that look like sausage casings.

Own your weight, women! First admit it to yourself, then OWN IT.

Anonymous said...

you're supertall and a size 4 now?
i don't even know what that looks like. maybe because i do things like cut short a run to grab lunch with family or friends.

i used to love empire waists, but that was before i needed structured dresses and shirts to look decent.

Melanie said...

"pregnant bohemian doily"

yay! that's a perfect descriptive phrase. two lowfat cookies!

Melanie said...

ps: i love empire waists because it shows that there is a waist located beneath the Bozo Boobs.

Erin Bradley said...

...cut short a run to grab lunch with family or friends....

Yeah, it's nice to be unattached and have that luxury.


Anonymous said...

i smell another freaky friday incarnation.

SG said...


Awww, don't be lonely, sweetie.

You know everybody loves you, right?!

Anonymous said...

don't go getting all nicole ritchie...

Anonymous said...

wrap dresses are in now, too. some of them are very fitted and you'll be able to show off your body better than the billowy empire waisted stuff. plus wrap dresses look good on tall women, and they look very classic with heels. what's up with first anonymous. anger much? geez, it's just a trendy dress. also, i think you're thinking of tube tops, not halter tops.