Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beautiful 1BR Crock of Shit in pre-War building. WILL NOT LAST LoNG!

Looking for an apartment in New York when the vacancy rate is at an all-time low is a real fucking HOOT, let me tell ya.

Highlights this morning: An $1100 studio in Williamsburg with no bathroom or kitchen but "Plenty of room to be creative!" and an agent who laughed at me when I told her my max monthly payment. I'm not going to be rude and disclose it. I'm old school and saying your rent is like saying how many people you've slept with or how much money you make. Let's just say it could probably be someone's mortgage, were they not living in the world's 15th most expensive (albeit #1 in the FUCKING UNIVERSE) city.

In an hour I'm going to see a one bedroom in Astoria. The ad says "15 minute commute to Manhattan!" I just looked at the address and it's 6 stops before you even transfer to the F train. IN QUEENS. which is still OUTSIDE MANHATTAN. 15 minutes my ass, Richard at MQRealty.


jerry said...

damn! damn!damn!damn the F train!

Anonymous said...

good luck girl.

(you're gonna need it).

Sidd Vicious said...

Come to UWS, Heights. We need Judas Priest loving girls. :]

ballulah said...

hey erin,
i'm going to send you an email with info (albeit vague info) about a realtor in my area. it's upper upper upper manhattan, but it's still 212. i used to work on broadway and bleecker, and it took me 35 minutes to get to work from just around the GWB. i just saw a listing for a 1 br for $1100, and i know the building and it's super super super nice.