Saturday, June 23, 2007


***i accidentally got drunk before i went to see my shrink. i was at work and we had this little mexican party celebrating the work we did on account XYZ. this company is like catholics and their saints. we're always celebrating something.

HOW TO MAKE A MARGARITA, as told by the two dudes running catering, each of whom who couldn't have been any older than 16:

1. pour four inches of tequila into bottom of glass.
2. garnish with lemon and 1/4 inch of margarita mix.

do not stir. do not add ice.

right as i was finishing i remembered i had an appointment that i had switched from earlier in the week. i drank a huge bottle of water and drank a diet coke but i still felt rocked.

right when i walked in i told him. i asked if he a zero tolerance policy and told him i'd understand if he wanted to boot me. he let me stay. probably because he knew i wanted to go. he's a real spookbag. he knows EVERYTHING.

the race was good. first half mile was all asses and elbows. people knocking each other down trying to break free. lots of hot dudes. all of them into exercise and gainfully employed. ASS ON WHEELS. only problem: everyone's in running clothes. can't separate the creative artsy guys from the D's. beards are often a good indicator but it's summer and boys are shaving. TRAGEDY.

i keep getting reader's digest in the mail for no reason.


jerry said...

reader's digest fuckin rocks so hard! *said the old guy*

Anonymous said...

did you say anything at your shrink that you wouldn't have said otherwise?

Anonymous said...

I just read this (while v. stoned, natch) and instead of reading "catholics" as in, THE RELIGION, i read it as "cat-holics" as in, THOSE ADDICTED TO CATS.

To be totally honest, I don't quite know which interpretation is weirder...