Tuesday, June 19, 2007

good underpants matter

i'm running in this race tomorrow (wednesday). i just ate cereal. i am carbo loading. i actually don't know anything about carbo loading. what do you do? eat lots of spaghetti the night before? my dad told me that once. he used to do aerobics in the 80s. back then they called it "calo" and he and my mom had matching navy jumpsuits. my mom still exercises. she takes country line dancing classes and pilates at the senior center.

i just checked the race web site and it looks like there will be a lot of people. 15 thousand. i hope there are a lot of specials and decrepits. my goal is to place in the upper third. half is fine as well. just not anything below.

i like the name of this event - JP MORGAN CORPORATE CHALLENGE. a race that celebrates not charity, not the environment, not little bald cancer kids. but industry. COMMERCE! the stuff that makes the wheels go 'round.

i read the rules and frano the nano is allowed to go. this is fantastic. some races they don't let you. i need 'bad news' by 50 when my energy level plummets. funny thing about that one. he's singing about how to properly shoot somebody and it goes

"And rule number 11, you caught a body but you not a legend
You better watch where you heading."

i always thought it was

"And rule number 11, you caught a body but you not 11.
You better watch where you heading."

i am submitting the preceding anecdote to reader's digest. look for it in the 'life in these united states' section next to the ad for land's end moccasins.

there are a lot of people running the race in my company. i don't recognize anyone from the creative department. maybe i will make vagina friends with a nice project manager or something. her name will be brooke. brooke the bevaginaed project manager.


MikesRightBrain said...

Hey I ran the same race in the series last month in Chicago. It was a fun event, although it was intimidating seeing so many huge running teams out there from ginormous corporations. As for carbo-loading, you probably don't need it for a 3.5 mile race. But for longer races, it's best not to overstuff the night before... two nights before works better for me or I end up spending my race looking for porta-potties. Good luck tomorrow!

MW said...

Good luck!

Let us all know how you did!

Joey Headset said...

Have a good race. Be sure to stretch and all that... there's an adrelenine factor when running a race (as opposed to just running for fitness). It can easily push you to pick up your usual pace -- which is good! -- but your body may not be accustomed to it, so stretching is particularly important.

In conclusion: STRETCH.