Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wrong, Wrong or Wrong?

Coming up with a "Marry, Fuck or Kill" for work tomorrow. Really wish I could do the Jolie orphans because I would SO fuck Maddox with his fine little punk rock self. Zahara I will marry because she seems docile and Shiloh can die cause she's the only natural one and the little crumbsnatcher will surely lord it over the others. Pax is too new to qualify.


Behind The Curve said...

I can read between the lines... You're saying Kill Whitey, right?

Sarah said...

I heard Zahara was the one ruling the roost, actually. Because I read a lot of Us Weekly.

Mintzworks said...

Aw, C' do you not fuck Shiloh? I would.

It's the closest I'll ever get to Jolie's Vajinana.

I'd kill Pax, cuz what a terrible movie that was. K-Pax. KillPAX.

I'd marry you. There's a clause for that, right?

MW said...

I think you actually somehow made it worse by choosing a Maddox picture where he has his tongue out. Dirty girl!

Gleemonex said...

I read this post ten minutes ago, and I am still cackling like a crazy person.