Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesdays with Someone Who's Not Morrie

Me: dig this McDonald's ad. when and where is McDonald's food served up like that?

Sister: i have to say that ad is pretty damn good. it makes me think "QUALITY" even though i know i shouldn't.

Me: it's so fucking over the top. there may as well be a unicorn in there.

Sister: there might be, erin, there might be. look closely at that nugget.


Anonymous said...

mcnuggests are made of unicorns! unicorns!

BCOL said...

If unicorns exist and are delicious, I'd eat them.

Melo Yellow said...

hey erin, i still love and read your blogs. you're the definition of awesomeness.

anyway, i think some "vip" mcdonalds, probably the ones that serve said unicorns, also, DELIVER! but, it's suppose to be hush-hush or something and i still haven't been able to take advantage of this service. oh, well.

(can i add a link of this blog in mine? i just learned how to do this, btw.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's how they serve food at the 'McCafe's that I've seen in Australia and Europe...