Friday, November 30, 2007

Area businesses report a shortage of Crest Whitestrips, Hummer limos, Magnum prophylactics & Paul Mitchell extra-strength sculpting gel

Oh. My. God. Just got this invite in my inbox.

The cast of Entourage hosting an event at the HAWAIIAN TROPIC ZONE????? It's like the Halley's comet of douche supernovas.

I hope K-Fed's free. If not, I've got this one guy who tried to sexually assault me at an MSU frat party in 1996 as backup.


MW said...

I saw the biggest hummer stretch limo I'd ever seen over the weekend, filled with green and blue neon on the inside and douchebags spilling out. At a gas station. I bet it was going here.

pb said...

Never before has the word "big" so clearly meant "small."

Libertygirl said...

Genius. I got this too and wondered who on earth wld consider this a go-to event?

Darrell said...

natural response to frat comment: which one.

really, though, i wish i had been invited to parties like that.

Erin Bradley said...

Theta Chi, baby!