Monday, October 22, 2007

ceci n'est pas une inept landlord

my kitchen sink faucet is hot to the touch.

really hot, like when you've been running the hot water.

only i haven't been running the hot water.

what's next? a flaming toilet?

anyone with plumbing/home fix-it knowledge care to explain this phenomenon?


edward said...

Most modern water faucets are pressure balanced. The imbalance could be anywhere, in your sink or somewhere else in the building. You're going need to call Super Mario.

pb said...

As a woman in her sexual prime, you need to regularly release the heat in your "kitchen sink faucet," or else it will continue to get hotter, eventually causing damage to your "plumbing." But in the event that you do not have access to a decent "toolkit," or can't locate a proper "handy man," then the next best solution is regular "masturbation." Preferably in a hot bath, which should also help with that water imbalance thing that Edward mentioned.