Thursday, September 13, 2007

old peoples is my peoples

**just got first party invite saying "children welcome"

**ate handful of tums. actively savored the pineapple.

**warned 7 year old not to hang off tree branch sunday at central park


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the time this old person offered me to swipe me through on the subway. And then he was all like "Give me two bits, you little whippersnapper."

Edward said...

You're not officially old until you start using coupons and counting out exact change at Duane Reade.

WN said...


Spring chickens is your chickens.

MW said...

Stay away from the supermarket reading-glasses and the black licorice, Grandma.

Robert said...

You damn kids. Get off my lawn!

Robert said...

P.S. Went to the eye doctor yesterday. He gave me reading glasses.




Geezito ergo sum. (I geez therefore I am.)