Monday, September 3, 2007

Love: Soft As An Easy Chair

I am not an obsessed freak who spends all her time on the Internet looking at pornography and cat pictures.

I am a "curator."

I enter keywords like "cattery" and "fanciful kitten" into Google Image Search and I can't help it if MAGIC is what I come up with.

Click here for animated butterfiles, fluffy white Persians, and a Barbra Streisand number.

I am so fucking good at this. If only there were a way to monetize it...


Anonymous said...

Nope, not a curator. I believe you might be one of us... A LIBRARIAN! Consider getting your MLIS.

mynameiserintoo said...

Damn, you are good. I have the same obsession but that site is better than any I've found. Check out for a disturbing tagline and cat photos.

Erin Bradley said...


What are you TALKING ABOUT??!

That site is so much more awesome than anything I've ever found.


I stand humbled in the face of greatness.

Seriously. You have BEEN to the Persian-covered mountaintop.

erin said...

ohmygod, stop, stop. i'm blushing. this compliment coming from you is too huge. i'm blushing. you stop it, erin bradley. stop.

ps--i kind of cheat....i go to persian breeder listings and look mainly at the ones with names like or whatever.

pps--have you seen winston? ( he ignited my obsession--i dream of adopting an exotic shorthair one glorious day.

Erin Bradley said...

LOVE winston. been a fan a long time.

i'm also in love with a (shhh...don't tell anyone) DOG named buddy.

he's on the cityrag blog.

i actually RECOGNIZED him at the dog run in tompkins square park one day and started gushing like he was a celebrity.

his owner, the blog writer, said it's not the first time he's been recognized.

erin said...

oh, i know! i love cityrag and buddy! (this exchange is like a stereotypical good first date.) i'm mad jealous that you met buddy. (is he cool to his fans or pretentious and aloof? maybe in person he's really short?) ok, now i think i've crossed some sort of dorking out starting to feel a little embarrassed...

Erin Bradley said...

yeah, we should really take this offline. we sound totally crazyass.

buddy was adorable. he's actually very little.

i thought he would be like corgi-sized, but he's really much smaller.

not yorkie small, but hmm.... i don't know. he's a mutt so it's hard to find a comparison.

he wasn't overly friendly (i think he used to be abused) but he wasn't mean either

Amanda Castleman said...

I'm in sugar shock after following all those links.

Bad, bad Erins.

Lonna said...

Well said.