Monday, August 27, 2007

fruit of the (laundry) room

Putting together a pitch for a leading laundry detergent.

From a consumer message board:

Please, please, please USE BLEACH on your underwear. Think of how gross it is to put underwear back on that is NOT DISINFECTED. You can only disinfect with BLEACH.


Anonymous said...

They make it sound like they are being forced to put on my underwear.

In which case, I sympathize.

Sabina said...

Hasn't this person ever heard of dark-colored underwear? Or disinfecting with standard laundry detergent?

LØVE Chocolate said...

I'm all for disinfecting and minimizing filth. But really? I have to bleach my panties now, too? If it's such a problem, just use hot water, but my undies aren't cheap, I'm not going to shorten their life with Clo-rox (that's how we say it in NC)

Erin Bradley said...

the thought of disenfecting anything is so foreign to me, let alone something i wear on my body. who gives an F if your underpants aren't disinfected? it's not like other people are wearing them or something.

i'm a firm believer in the 'doesn't kill you makes you stronger' - i'm one of those hillbillies who refuses to use purell.

Sarah B. said...

I don't use anti-bacterial crap so I don't contribute to the Super Virus, so I'm sure as hell not going to put my panties in the way of the Super Judy Virus.

Simon David Winthrop said...

My own panties (or the virile male version, tightie whiteys) are in too much of a wad to bleach in any case.