Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shit on Toast, Country-Style Lemonade

I know I sang 'Are You Ready for the Country?' but can I have a few minutes man? Because I'm not at all ready. Thanks.

It's really weird to think about old country singers all strung out. Old jazz guys too. It seems impossible to do heroin and hooch and cocaine in the kind of clothes they wore back then. Can you really hit bottom and do an adequate job of it in sleeve garters and spats?

The t-shirts and cruddy jeans of Nirvana and the like are much more readily accepted by my imagination.

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mintzworks said...

Your comments, please, on Pink's 'Dear Mr. President.'


(She rocked it AGAIN, this time on the Jimmy Kimmel show...poor Jimmy couldn't do his outro cuz of all the standing ovation applause after she rawked it.)