Friday, January 4, 2008

Take That, Rewind It Back

Obama got the votes to make ya booty go SNAP!

*I'm aware this is Luda, not Usher. I tried to get a photo of the former with the candidate in question but he was busy applying Turtle Wax to his pectoral muscles and healing sick children with his stomach.

Too bad elections aren't won on looks alone, or I would immediately switch my voting affiliation to the Adorable Casual Black Fonzie Party.

Who are YOU supporting? More importantly, why?


killahmcgillah said...


This is why I love you.


Anonymous said...

I dunno, he's not lookin' all that "adorable" here! I wouldn't want to piss the mofo in that photo off!

erin said...

now that i know he hangs with luda, i support obama. thanks.

Nat Baddington said...

I support Obama? Because he seems like the least full of shit person in the race? And because he just crushed in Iowa, the whitest state this side of Alaska? Why can't he win again?

Sabina said...

I support Obama, not because he's sexy (which is clearly true), but because he's not bad and nobody whose policies I agree with could ever get the votes.

mintzworks said...

Stephen Mintz = Team Coordinator, Obama for America, California CD20.

Huge supporter, and that's why I love you AND Addy.

Andrew (Jammer) said...

dude, I've been totally debating whether or not I have to take the Obama '08 sticker off the back of my beater. Now that he's all cool and shit. Can't exactly write 'supporter since '04 when he blew the fucking roof off the Garden in Boston' over top of it can I? Is there such a thing as a political hipster?

I'll keep the sticker and the hope it inspires.

so, what song would play when he smacks the jukebox with his elbow?