Saturday, November 3, 2007


Some Saturdays I get out of the house early and bum around and do a bunch of shit. Get papers, groceries, walk through the park, see my methamphetamine dealer.

Other Saturdays I lay on the couch, eat a bagel as big as a toilet seat and catch up on my programs.

It's the second kind of Saturday.

One of the shows I'm watching is called Taboo. It's on the National Geographic Channel and is basically


in intellectual packaging.

Today's show is about food and how certain folk in Vietnam eat dogs.

I suppose this is bad, but I don't think I'd have a problem eating dog. Cat either. It doesn't seem that gross.

I'd rather eat a terrier than a big spoonful of mayonnaise.

Sorry, Rover.


pb said...

But the question remains: which animals would you NOT eat?

Rat? Koala bear? Baby orangutan?

I think I could probably eat dolphin, but I might lose a little karma for that one.

Sabina said...

I was just talking this morning to someone about how I don't think eating dog is a big deal, because I don't like dogs much anyway. And I hate mayonnaise, so we're on the same page there. But don't you HAVE cats? I think felines and primates are where I draw the line.

baby panda said...

I'd have a hard time dining on panda.

Erin Bradley said...

I don't know, really. Monkey, I guess? A little clever nimble monkey, like a capuchin. I could eat a big gorilla though.

I'm bluffing anyway, anything I'm required to kill with my own bare hands or see slaughtered in front of me I wouldn't be able to eat.

So that pretty much leaves cockroaches. And who wants to eat cockroaches? I know they're supposedly tasty and a good source of protein, but blech.

Anonymous said...

I ate dog in Korea. Not tasty. Does not taste like chicken.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Ahh make it stop!!

Stumbled across your blog from nerve and read the archives all the way back to march. Shesh way to kill my night, Erin!

Anyways, your writing is hilarious and fantastic and you rule. It's almost depressing to read you verbalize all these things I always think but can never put my finger on... (for example the Wierd Al thing).

Wish I didn't have stuff to do so I could keep reading :)

The GilmerMetcalves said...

What would Jesus eat?
We mean "Jesus" pronounced "hay-soos", not that Son of God guy.