Friday, October 12, 2007

product shots

National Pork Month Singles Jamboree is still going strong.

why does flavored cremora have to be so fattening?

i am unphased by advil.

does anyone know of a good bra?


Anonymous said...

victoria secret extremem push-up convertable, it makes my barely Bs look like i've got something up top

City Dater said...

As a lady who likes to put the rack out there every so often, without looking like a circus freak or causing myself discomfort, I suggest Natori(they have a great pushup) or a little lower on the price scale, Maidenform (many good underwire models, both padded and not).
Tim Gunn speaks the truth: a good bra is worth making an investment!

MW said...

Does anyone know of a good bra?

For you? Is "none" an option? Because I really want to see all the car pileups.

But aside from that? From an XY perspective: Boys like bras that hook in the front, all other things being equal. They also dislike the way bras with lace fronts look under a shirt (aka weird). Oh, and very few strapless numbers look good on anyone, especially when they're tight. This is the limit of my knowledge. Good night from boytown.

Sally said... is having a sale on customer-selected favorites. worth looking at - they're pricey but the return policy is fantastic.