Monday, August 6, 2007

shark weak

was Ocean of Fear a let-down or what? think the problem was that it tried to be everything all at once. documentary. dramatic reenactment. zippy primetime special.

very little sharking. very little gruesome. so pussy. especially the part where the soldier sketched that one shark naked and the little old lady came out and dumped the big gaudy necklace over the side of the boat near the end.

rating: C-


Sarah B. said...

Ocean of Fear succeeding in making me really tense for two hours. No thrills! Just dread!

The sharks eating the seals was upsetting, too. Am I getting old and pussy or is Shark Week losing its charm?

Anonymous said...

The sharks bodyslamming the seals in that one special was entertaining, you hafta admit.

Andrew said...

I used to love shark week. Now, after 20 months of love, loathing, and being left by an environmental justice lawyer, I swing between shouting out hellya's and "take that, bitch-ass seal" to getting stupid angry at some of the world class assholes that think fucking with these sharks is somehow educational. It's one thing to film them, tag, etc. for science. However, that South African guy that likes to take rides on their dorsal fins, and antogonize them when they're trying to feed deserves to be the lunchtime snack that he soon will become.

sorry, still a bit angsty.

Erin Bradley said...

i hear you. as much as i'd love to go on one of those shark excursions where you get in the tank and shit and see them up close, it always strikes me as kind of obtrusive. i wouldn't like a bunch of strangers hanging out around my apartment, making loud scary noises, dumping pollutants near my food, and gawking at me. why should i do it to them?

the shark guy is like the crocodile hunter all over again. when will people stop deluding themselves that these aren't wild animals? it's the same thing with pit bulls/any other breed of huge dog. yeah, yours is awesome. yeah, it's how you train them, yeah 99% would never hurt a flear.

but guess what? i'm STILL not going to keep any creature in my house that has the capacity to kill me.