Sunday, August 19, 2007

Come See Me on Anti-Anxiety Medication, Friday, August 31st, at Joe's Pub!

I'm going to be one of 8 bloggers competing in an Internet gong show type deal at Joe's Pub.

It's called ROFL! and it's being put on by The Onion and Paper Thin Walls.


The lineup includes Cintra Wilson (if you've never heard of her or read her stuff read this article in Salon, it's one of my favorites) and:

-Petra Cortright of Nastynets
-Peter Dizozza, leader of the Cinema VII Collective,
playwright, actor and anti-folk artist
-Andrew Baron of Rocketboom
-Jeff Rubin and Streeter Seidell of College Humor
-Charles Star of Stay Free!
-Dan Gurewitch and Amir Blumenfeld of College Humor

There's also music by Ethan Lipton, who has a moustache.

Tickets are $15, you can by them here.

I do not know what I'll be presenting, but I'm terrified of public speaking so you can bet your sweet bippie I will be all kinds of Paula Abdul DRUGGED.

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