Tuesday, May 29, 2007

man overboard + another day at the races

I love that the week I get dumped is the same week I have to write ads for romantic "fun ship" cruises. Past two work days I've been staring at a picture of this happy white couple and writing dozens of slogans.

Oh yeah, other thing that happened.

I was peeing this morning in the bathroom with the door open and the cat was peeing at the exact same time. His litterbox is right near the bathroom door and it's kind of at the same level as my toilet. Our heads and necks were sticking out in the EXACT SAME POSITION at the EXACT SAME TIME. We looked like JOCKEYS!!!!

"Are you peeing or pooing? I'm peeing," I said.

He didn't reply.


SG said...

Maybe you should've waited to dump yourself until next week.

Hey, at least you still have your cat. Cats never dump anyone. Mainly because it would be hard to tell if they did.

Erin Bradley said...

I can't believe you are talking about cats dumping and not making any sort of joke referencing the raw material above. Getting soft, yo. Getting soft.

tryrugby said...

dude... it is all that fiber sg has been consuming -- it is all really soft (ok.... I have taken it too far)

annie said...

my cat always comes running when i'm in the bathroom. and probably 3 out of four times he is "moved" to join me. but only for #2's.

ps i'm a long time fan and you're rocking the new blog just as hard as you rocked the nerve one.

SG said...

Nah, too easy.

Get back to me when the cat starts talking.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like your kitties turds?