Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gail, God, and Oprah Please Forgive Me

My mom and my Aunt Suzy (right and left, respectively). This is one of my all-time favorite photos. It so captures their relationship and the one I hope to have with my sister when I reach that age.

Aunt Suzy gives her dog cough drops, makes this crazy pink stuff every Thanksgiving

and once told me that wearing Blistex brand lip balm enhances blow jobs.

My sister and I are going dancing tonight. Also Jenny and Olivia. Earlier today we went to the bathhouse on 10th street where a young Russian named Alexi poured hot soapy water all over my shit and beat my ass with a bunch of leaves. It's called "platza" and it is amazing. Here's a video. After they're done they rub your hair dry with a towel and you feel like you're 5 years old. Mom has just made you get out of the pool and now you have to go drink Faygo and eat bologna sandwiches.


OLT said...

may i recommend the dead sea salt scrub?

Sarah said...

I loved this post.

Melanie said...

oh, man. that video was a wild ride. at first, i was like "people PAY for that?" i mean, they're really wailing away on him with those branches, it doesn't look pleasant. it looks like something the nuns would have done to us little girls if we had said "oh my God!" in front of the priest or something. but then i was about to close the window as they got to the rubdown part. oh, yeah baby. that's the ticket. i was experiencing a precarious massage. mmmm, rub them legs, yessss.

now i want a massage so bad. *cries*

SG said...

My grandmother used to make that crazy pink stuff too! I still have no idea what it was called or what's in it. Some kind of cross between cranberry jelly and fruit salad, I bet.

Erin Bradley said...

In my family it's called "ambrosia" - which translates to "Food of the Gods."

Apparently the Gods live in tiny towns in east Detroit, smoke Pall Malls and collect money from the government.

Sarah said...

Faygo totally reminds me of being a little kid