Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boing Boing Get the Fuck Fuck Over Yourself

Someone took apart a Magic 8 Ball and BoingBoing is running the story as: Magic 8-Ball vivisection. VIVISECTION? Come on. This is almost as obnoxious as how freely and liberally they apply the word "hack" to everything. So-and-so in Florida has a new hack for making peanut butter and jelly, she uses a KNIFE to cut the bread. Destroyer of worlds Johnny Buttfuck has a hack for fixing the velcro on his messenger bag. A hack is something that takes considerable skill and effort. It is not an expression of quirkiness ("That hobo has a hack for dry skin - not bathing!) or the application of plain old common sense ("My hack for waits at the post office is buying stamps online!). I would write them a letter but since it has nothing to do with knitting cute reproductions of Nintendo items or baking cakes shaped like Atari characters I doubt it'll get published.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Totally. I've been thinking the same thing lately. What was once fun on the site is now entirely predictable.

Cory will post on:
a) How his new gadget is "the best" (meaning it's probably better than the one you've been using
b) What's happening in the cosmopolitan city he is currently visiting (to give an important talk about DRM or speak about one of his geek books, no less).

Xeni will post on:
a) Her friend, Reversible Cowgirl
b) Something else related to sex
c) If she's just been on CNN, something about DRM or a jailed blogger.

Mark will post on:
a) One of his cool artist friends whose name you may be familiar with, though you are, of course, not a friend of that particular cool artist.
b) How the cable company or his ISP tried to rip him off.
c) Where you can buy coffee mugs and t-shirts with his art (that looks incredibly similar to the art of some of his artist friends.)

David will post on:
a) Insects
b) Food
c) Toys

Have you hacked anything today?
No? Well get busy!


Love ya.

Erin Bradley said...

b) How the cable company or his ISP tried to rip him off.

**Gawd. I am so sick of people posting about this shit. I respect their right to vent but they take it so fucking seriously. It's a CABLE BILL, yo. Be lucky you have something to eat and aren't having your family raped and blown up like what's happening elsewhere in the world.

Can't believe they're putting the hammer down on you. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

dont forget BB loves the:
ukeleles, mark ryden, shephard fairey and the ubiquitous (and tired) Steampunk!