Monday, March 26, 2007

Shit, Shat, Shall Have Shitten

I keep this book on the back of the toilet so I can learn about sentence structure and punctuation while taking care of business at the same time. I need to read stuff like this to be a better worder but it's much easier to blow it off and read magazines about famous people instead. I'm getting a lot of the book read and I actually feel like I'm absorbing it, which is surprising. It's like a dsylexic En Vogue: free your ass and the mind will follow. I love that fucking video. It came out right around the same time as the George Michael supermodel one did. Two things I didn't know about that at the time: 1. Opening quote was from The Graduate. 2. George Michael was ghey.


Mintzworks said...

As a writer, I feel we are in charge of the adjectives.

Let the editors handle the rest.

Post-Scriptage: I fucking HATE IT when editors change my adjectives. If they were better writers, let them do the piece!

Your wordage keep reading 'support material' about celebs and whatnot on the pot. Keep railing supermodel bartenders. And keep sneaking peeks and feeling like shit about them.

Cuz baby, that's what you DO...and that's what you write. Plus, what she didn't know about your pantie peek won't hurt you (until judgement day, and even then I'm sure you'll get a pass).

MW said...

Oh man, I just had the worst mental juxtaposition short-circuit in my head.

You said "Takin' Care of Business while on the toilet," and I thought of TCB...Y -- that's right, TCBY yogurt. Soft serve, baby!

My brain is now ruined.

Not to mention my appetite.

SuMo said...

So... what you're REALLY saying is that you shit like a guy? The first 5 mins and your done, then you sit there till your ass is numb, reading?