Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ShawWow, ShamFound

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Hi, it's Vince from ShamWow!

I'm here with ShamBaby...
*product not pictured
and ShamGod

to tell you about the product that will eliminate urine from your RV and Olympic Divers use AS A TOWEL!

But don't take my word for it...


It stinks and i don't like it

3/28/2009 - Tony Peretti of Ma, usa writes:

I bought one and when i recieved it i tried using it when Ramone urinated on the floor. It did not clean it up and it made more of a mess.



3/19/2009 - Steve of Oklahoma, USA writes:

This product does not work at all. I would have had better luck using the box they came in to dry my wifes car. Never trust a pitch man the looks like Beavis. P.O.S.



11/27/2008 - J'Rocl of Iowa, USA writes:

This product is a big joke. "Buy now we cant do this all day" is what they say on the info. Almost a year later and they are still trying to sell this. I bet spray on hair was a better product then this. The only thing I use my SHAMWOW for is a Tug toy for my German Shepard, and he barely like it.


But we can't do this all day.

Are you following me, Camera Guy?

Peace out!