Friday, June 3, 2011


If we're going to insist on using the term "tramp stamp" to describe any lower back tattoo on a female, let's go ahead and use the term "bro row" for any arm tattoo on a male in a circular formation.



1. It's a cheesy and expected place to put a tattoo.

2. It's usually worn by musclehead creepo rapester types.

3. It's fun to make judgments about someone's character and behavior based on the location of their ink.

4. The design is probably something your dumb meathead self picked out at the shop, anyway.

Some Bro Row examples:

The bro row.

Know it.

Use it.

Make it part of your vocabulary.

This has been a public service announcement of the ALBTDL.*

*Anti Lower Back Tattoo Defamation League


Ziesdov61 said...

Please don't tell me you have a tramp stamp.

memogirl said...

If it's of a monkey, it cancels out the tramp. Bro Rows gotta go.

Crazy Legs Conti said...

The Tramp Stamp has been a double standard for too long. Bro Row is good, but what about:
Dick Sticker
Penis Patch
Balls Bearing
The why Y (referring to the chromosome)
Male Trail
The Marky Mark
A Chief Relief
Mac Back (located on the back)
Pudge Smudge (for fat guys)
A Dong Wrong
sperm berm
a Tattodude
a Mister Blister
a Chakra Con (for spirtual guys who love 80s pop music)
a Bloke Spoke
Chap Map
a Gigalogo (I think this is the winner but I bet calling it a marky mark will be the most popular)