Friday, March 26, 2010

5 awesome youtube videos about glasses + my interview interview in glasses glasses

the lovely and talented jessica alter recently interviewed me for the arts/music/events/everything-you-need-to-know-about website and cool kid collective glasses glasses.

i talk about life as a sex advice columnist, my new book, my philosophy on dating, and my favorite pick-up line. there's also a brief section on stain removal and google's plan to index all the world's penises. by size.

then check out:

the 5 greatest eyeglasses-related YouTube videos of all time

Favorite scene/line: 0:42 "Uh oh. Now she's gone and ruined everything."

Favorite scene/line: 0:10-0:14 - The fast cuts. OAKTENSITY! OAKDRAMA!

Favorite scene/line: 0:24 - Walt's pilled-out mom serenades him with some Stevie Wonder.

Favorite scene/line: ALL - Parents, get Tina contacts or RUIN PROM FOREVER.

Favorite scene/line: ALL - I have one of these with a built-in beer holder on back-order.

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