Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ShawWow, ShamFound

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Hi, it's Vince from ShamWow!

I'm here with ShamBaby...
*product not pictured
and ShamGod

to tell you about the product that will eliminate urine from your RV and Olympic Divers use AS A TOWEL!

But don't take my word for it...


It stinks and i don't like it

3/28/2009 - Tony Peretti of Ma, usa writes:

I bought one and when i recieved it i tried using it when Ramone urinated on the floor. It did not clean it up and it made more of a mess.



3/19/2009 - Steve of Oklahoma, USA writes:

This product does not work at all. I would have had better luck using the box they came in to dry my wifes car. Never trust a pitch man the looks like Beavis. P.O.S.



11/27/2008 - J'Rocl of Iowa, USA writes:

This product is a big joke. "Buy now we cant do this all day" is what they say on the info. Almost a year later and they are still trying to sell this. I bet spray on hair was a better product then this. The only thing I use my SHAMWOW for is a Tug toy for my German Shepard, and he barely like it.


But we can't do this all day.

Are you following me, Camera Guy?

Peace out!


Anonymous said...

Apparently he's not a very good listener...

Roger Feelbert said...

God Shammgod?

Robert said...

But it does marvelous work soaking up the blood when a hooker bites your tongue.

Oy! Arrabito said...

Thanks for the public service piece. I'll not be swindled.