Tuesday, December 2, 2008

List of Names for Depressing 30 & 40-Something Singles Bars

*Bananas II
*McGrabby's Bar & Grille
*Inihibitions West
*TGI Hopefuls
*Numb & Number


Josh said...

How about:
Low Expectations.
Drunk and Hairy.
I'm a lawyer, please blow me.
Mutual FunDungeons.

Rachel C. said...

Funny--and classy! I'll go low, then:

The Crazy Bitch
Step 13
Robert Chambers' Rumpus Room
The Golden Kumquat
Ally McBeal's Hallucination

Lelia G said...

I've been there, it's called
SCandals' Optional

Anonymous said...

Actual former bar name in San Francisco: Chances.

Tracie said...

Actual Bar in Rochester, NY:

Tipsy McStaggers

My friends and I went in there because we thought it would be rather funny--pretty much as depressing as one would expect.