Monday, October 6, 2008

C is for Cookie, You Don't Want to Ask About D

Volunteering today, I catch the tail end of a conversation.
"MATURE!" yells the little girl.

"UH UHHHH!!!!" yells the little boy.

Repeat nine times over.

I butt in, trying to break the cycle.

"Do you guys knows the difference between mature and immature?" I ask, feeling a bit like Mr. Rogers.

"No, but I know what mature is," says the girl.

"OK," I reply. "What is it?"

She breaks into a big smile. "It's a game for adults!"

Haahahahahahahahha! Guess we know whose parents got caught fucking and/or had to explain to the shorties why they can't watch HBO.

"I can play Guitar Hero," brags the little boy. "Some of the songs have bad words."

It was then I realized that chica was picking up her vocab by reading the rating system on the cover of Grand Theft Auto.

Lord bless us.

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