Monday, June 9, 2008

Weeked Wrap-Up

*Saw BJ Novak at Caroline's on Broadway. Homeboy is incredibly handsome. He has that Andrew McCarthy thing going on with his eye area. Looks all suspicious and vulnerable and blinky.

This makes me want to protect him. Then nail him. Then protect other people from nailing him.

I am partial to trembling Chihuahuas for the same reason.

What else?

Oh, I watched Mama's Boy on DVR. I got bored 1/4 the way through and started Internetting.

Zipped through the new David Sedaris. Good. Not as good as some of the others. But decent.

Talked to my mom. She wants me to take some dance class called "Zumba" which is all the rage in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I don't know if this is a good idea or not, just based on the name.


It sounds like a failed dot com or a playground fad lifted from the Japanese.


New topic: This haircut. I want it.

It's not at all suited to my hair texture. This chick has pin straight hair. Mine is wavy.

It'd probably look more like this:

Hot, right? She looks like she works for a low call volume escort service and moonlights selling Herbalife on the weekends.


Jeanette said...

You managed to find identical facial expression captures of BJ and Andrew...fantastic googling!

With the current humidity, I look like Pam Grier right now too (what, that's not Pam Grier?)

mintzworks said...

Isn't the Zumba what they showed on SNL...the robot that cleans your poonanny?

Erin Bradley said...

That was the Womba!

Robert said...

Is zumba when you rumba in a zoot suit?

crushjunky said...

zumba is actually fun, its like a aerobics class with a dance class together. its most fun when the teacher is a small latin gay who loves women and makes you shake boobies all the time. then after, one has the uncontrollable urge to eat ice cream and have sex with the first straight man they see.