Monday, April 14, 2008

crock of stuff

Look, I know. I know. I know. I know.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright? Rock of Love is an affront to feminism for hundreds of reasons, not the least of which include women putting their dignity and lives on hold to vie for the affections of a transvestite alligator.

I just to say one thing:


You so want Daisy. It's undeniable.

I know you want to like that homey chick. That's the sane, intelligent choice. But you're not into that any more than I am men who work normal jobs for a living and maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol.

Don't bother deleting that number from your cell phone, boy.

You'll be back.



judy said...

He picked the flat-chested nice girl last season too, and look where it got him. Daisy, however, is possibly too retarded even for Bret (which is saying something). He belongs with Heather.

Erin Bradley said...

Bret wants to do the right thing. He just doesn't know any better.

Ryan said...

No, once you have fucked a Daisy a few times, you move on. Especially if she thinks she's in love with you. I hate to be crass, but Rock of Love started it.

Speaking of fucking Daisy though, while she may technically be of age, I don't think she's mentally or emotionally mature enough to be considered a consenting adult. Bret's a statutory rapist off on a technicality.

Really though, Kristy Jo and Bret are, like, soulmates.

Jeanette said...

Please tell me you've seen the all out ass kicking that Heather gives Daisy at the reunion! By the way, your Daisy comparison is DEAD ON. Love it!

By the way, Brett's face and Ambre's stomach have the same weird "extra/saggy/pulling" skin maybe it was meant to be.

ebw said...

she reminded me of janice the muppet (, but now i'll always see daisy as a janice/gelfling hybrid.