Wednesday, February 13, 2008


lastest work crush looks like john belushi. short and kinda dumpy/pudgy/unhealthy. is that wrong? to be attracted to someone who looks all greasy and wired?

not my fault though. all the boys in creative are getting ugly haircuts. shaggy becks sporting tight crews that make them look like stockbrokers.

i think it's some really high level avant garde irony thing that i'm not getting. retard chic's distant relative? an advance rejection of the upcoming grunge revival? i don't know. they're way too ahead of me. they get their clothes in japan and spend $900 on a pencil case.

grandma can't keep up.


Gleemonex said...

Tell me about it. I'm 34 and just back from maternity leave, and my two officemates are these incredibly hip, stylish younger gay men. I feel like I might as well just shuffle in in my bedroom slippers and leave my dentures in a jar on my desk, yo.

Erin Bradley said...

You have the best blog sub-title ever. Adding you to my RSS.

pb said...

Well, sometimes you get a crew...and sometimes the crew gets you. It's possible that the follicles were leaving of their own accord.

Anonymous said...

they probably all made a bet that required them to get the same haircut. or something similarly simple and boring.